About Us

Pamela in costume at Jubilee

Pamela in costume at Jubilee

We want to bring the excitement of the stage, lights and behind the seance’s happenings to your event. While working events as a showgirl Pamela found that clients and guests alike enjoyed and thrived to hear about the exciting life of a Vegas Showgirl. She found this interest to be an alluring and extraordinary addition to each event. Pamela wanted to be able to bring this crowd captivating aspect of her life to every event possible. This became the basis of REAL Vegas Showgirls and the inspiration for our motto

“There nothing like the REAL thing”

We believe that the only  REAL Showgirls can give you the true Vegas experience and we know you will see the difference. Other companies think that using a model can give the same impression as a REAL Showgirl. The aura, presence and the charisma that at REAL Showgirl has can not be matched and will stand out.

Pamela and her staff bring many years of experience in the entertainment industry to your event. They have been dancing for over 20 years and has a vast knowledge of the stage and behind the seances work that it takes to put together a well orchestrated show or event. Pamela has been both Owned and taught at dance studios across the country choreographing and producing competition team routines along with yearly dance recitals. This is no small task when you are orchestrating hundreds of students and parents who all want their child to be the star of the show.

Event planning and coordination is our business let us take care of your talent needs . Our staff will make your event easy and memorable.